Specializing in React Native, Flutter, iOS and Android

Highly Qualified

We are a small but extremely skilled, highly specialized group of React Native / Flutter developers , all with strong backgrounds in
the open-source community, and we're here for your larger projects which require that next level of talent.
Whether you need an app or looking to boost your team expertise in Javascript, we are ready to help!

How we work

Your direction,
our code

Hiring a software house might feel like a painful process. Task management, delays, poor communication - time to forget all of that.

We fit perfectly into your organization and will operate autonomously under your leadership to deliver a great product.

Don't count on a questionable freelancer team without a proven track record. We're truly here to help you, and want you to know you're in good hands.

  • Future-proof

    We make sure your app is not only on the cutting edge, but rock solid in the long-term.

  • Always in touch

    We're happy to use any software that you prefer, whether It's Slack, Asana, Trello, etc.

  • Pay as you go

    We are your very personal, full-time employees. Say goodbye to unrealistic quotes.

  • Private NPM

    We use self-hosted NPM to store all your modules. It's never been more personal.

  • Privacy

    We take your project privacy very seriously. We're willing to sign an NDA if required.

  • Native Apps

    We are React Native / Flutter experts, so you can rapidly launch your app on both Android and iOS.

Project Lifecycle

Our process MobiDevsTeam

  • Research

  • Development

  • Testing

  • Production

The discovery and research phase is critically important to the success of your product.

But, It's not your job to struggle through it alone; we are there to guide you through all the unknowns.

Once we've reviewed your concept, we will architech the most appropriate back and front-end stack.

For this phase, be ready for suggestions; our team treats all projects as if they were their own startups!

What we can do for you

Our services

  • Web apps

    Stunning web apps with React.js, Vue.js or any other framework of your choice

  • Mobile apps

    iOS / Android apps with help of React Native / Flutter, though we also do fully native ones

  • Backend servers

    Real-time backend servers, primarly written in Node.js, Golang and MongoDB

  • Workshops

    We love sharing knowledge with others during our in-house trainings

  • Code review

    If you have an app already, we can help with performance and upgrade plans

  • You tell us

    As your very personal team, we are always ready to take a new challenge

What people say

We have worked on big project together with Stanislav during one year.
He has great experience with Core Bluetooth framework and deep knowledge of Java.
He can work with big projects and accomplish complicated tasks successfully and in time.
Dmitry Kapshuk

Android Developer

Stanislav is very professional and responsible developer. Very comfortable to work with him.
Roman Vasylchenko

Creative Director